The Winter Crusade

Sabatine the Lost

The troupe is called upon to rescue an ancient hidden enclave.

A pair of elven nobles in archaic clothing insist on the troupe’s help, and magically whisk them away to a secluded community, far from Saint Garnett. There, the group is requested to defend an ancient enclave, actually the Royal Seat during the last age, from invading orcs. The only trouble: the elves of the community are barred from the ancient fortress, due to a geas laid onto those who stemmed from the last royal bloodline. There is fear that Sabatine the River Strider has been attacked, and rests in a magical pool deep below the fortress.

In the course of finding the old royal palace, the troupe comes across a monastery of Saint Draconis, a small cult whose membership includes small groups of paladins and knights. The group helps defend the site against invading orcs, and discovers that the orcs are aware of Sabatine’s presence at the old enclave, and are ordered to destroy her.

The old palace is protected under a particular glamour; everything appears ancient, rusted, and in decay. The palace and its belongings are waiting for the coming of the next high-king. The troupe defeats ancient defenses, invading orcs, and a tremendous hydra to get to the River Strider, resting n a magical pool. The troupe defeats the orcs attacking her, and retraets safely back to the old elven community.



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