The Winter Crusade

The Tourney of Saint Garnett

In which fae sorcery and old goblin magics clash

In our introductory adventure, the PC’s were all in attendance at a tourney, held to celebrate the wedding of the sheriff’s son. They participated in various activities, including a joust, archery competition, and display of skill-at-arms. The turning point of the day seemed to be when a traveler from the South bested the sheriff’s half-son in a display of armed combat. The half-son, embarrassed and dishonored, flew into a rage and attacked the traveler. A visiting elven wizard stopped him with a quick spell (and a traveling cleric tended to his wounds).

The sheriff, impressed by the deeds of the newcomers, asked them to meet him at a nearby circle of stones, where he would ask them to assist him and a well-loved fae guardian of the region. Upon hearing that a goblin tribe seeped into the nearby woods, and had been influencing the wild with their magics, the group was excited and proud to undertake a small quest to rid the region of the disruptive influence of goblin magic, and prove their worthiness to the sheriff and the fae guardian, Sabatine, the River Strider.



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