Probably would have made a lousy squire anyway...better he's a henchman


STR 14, DEX 15, CON 14, INT 9, WIS 9, CHA 11
He wears a coat of plates (best armor he’s ever owned), a small shield, and a cloak that’s just a bit big for him.
He wields a two-headed axe (“Expert quality”, a rize from a recent dragon-fight) when desperate, but prefers to fight with the crossbow that was bought for him.


Born a soon of a woodsman, Bodin was the youngest of Simeon’s squires. He does not seem to have the heart for battle and bloodshed, though he seems to do very well with the crossbow and bow. When Simeon was struck dead at the River Duel by Lady Alera of Silver Vale, he retched until his stomach was empty.

Bodin is good at following direction, and has just begun to learn to read and take religious instruction from Brother Raymund LeBlanc. Remarkably, he can still sleep at night.

He’s no more than 17 years old, and has the dirty face of a street urchin. His dark hair sometimes falls from under his hood into his eyes.


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