A life as a squire taken from him, a young man adjusts to the life of an adventuring mercenary.


STR 15, DEX 13, CON 15, INT 10, WIS 9, CHA 10

1st level Fighter

Grave is equipped with a suit of plates, a battle-axe and a small shield. He uses his crossbow only when necessary.

All of Grave’s clothes show signs of constant mending. He takes some pride in his clothes and gear, seeing them as the only symbols of a life outside of poverty and dread. He is the only of the squires-turned-henchmen who wears jewelry.


Grave is a man who knows how the wind blows. He left his family and begged himself into the service of a squire when it occurred to him that his family would never have the means to send him to one of the Eastern Universities. After his master was executed for heresy, he jumped at the chance to become a henchman for the troupe.

He’s competent fighter, who recognizes his role as a shield-man for the wizard. However, he’s been known to leave that position to assist another party-member by flanking or getting behind an opponent.

He’s currently working through feelings of resentment over loosing his position as a squire in an affluent house. However, he prefers the life of a mercenary adventurer to the osibility of dying on Crusade.


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