Former squire of a rebellious, bitter lord...now a henchman and shield-man for the wizard. And appreciative for the work. And not being killed for heresy.


STR 15, DEX 14, CON 14, INT 9, WIS 8, CHA 11
AC 17 against 1 target, 16 against all others.
HP: 11
He has what every other henchman in the group has: a coat of plates, small shield, heavy crossbows and enough bolts to get him into trouble, a mace (“Expert quality”, a recent prize from a dragon-fight), and his riding horse “Vivat.”


Hayden is the eldest of the squires of Sir Simeon. When Simeon fell in honorable combat, Hayden wept over the body, and did most of the work preparing it for travel back home.

He’s survived 19 winters, and has a talent with the sword and lance. He’s given up hopes of knighthood, with the death of his patron. Hayden is coming to grips with the thought that all that may be left or him is the life of a mercenary. He serves the group now as the shield-man for the group’s wizard.


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