Lord Eriaz

Though a lack of hair displays his age, he still walks strongly and maintains a powerful air of confidence.


Lord Eriaz is the Sheriff of the Liberty of Saint Garnett. He’s given up his career as a ranger in the service to the His Majesty, the King of Avignus (may holiness and grace ride with him), to take up protecting and tending to the needs of the Liberty. He is equally comfortable in the Royal Courts as among the soldiers trudging through the woods.

He is in awe of all things fae, and feels an odd kinship and sympathy to the elves. He respects the counsel of the clerics of the nearby Colbourne Abbey, though is cautious of their motivations. He prays at the abbey fortnightly, as tradition dictates.

He is fears the motivations of wizards, as they travel through his lands infrequently.

He gathers allies among those who have aided the Liberty, trading favors for favors. He has some treasures left from his days as an adventurer, and does not hesitate to award them to friends and those who have done great service to his land.

At present, he is in mourning for his half-son, Sir Simeon al-Rahanda, who recently lost his life in a duel of honor.

His younger son, Sir Jophez, has just been married. He looks to Jophez as the next overseer of the Liberty of Saint Garnett, and would be disappointed to see him go off to Crusade.

Lord Eriaz

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