Sabatine the River Strider

A water-spirit given flesh, with white skin and dark hair, and a gait that makes it sem as if she glides above the ground.


Sabatine is a guardian spirit of the waters around the Liberty of Saint Garnett. She resides in the rivers that cut through the land by day, and may emerge when the moon is high in the sky. Bards and wizards debate about her history, musing about whether she has been cursed to the rivers, or if she is a common river-spirit who masquerades as a warden of lands. The folk of Saint Garnett show her respect and reverence, the sheriff takes her guidance with appreciation, and the local druids make offerings to her at every New Moon.

There is no doubt to her fae lineage. Her eyes charm many who lock their gaze with hers. She has exhibited magical powers heard of in old tales of the Elven Ages. She always seems distant, like she’s talking to a memory.

Her greatest enemies are the orcs and goblins who have started spreading into the nearby forest.

Sabatine the River Strider

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