A hulking beast, with marsh-gray skin impenetrable to swords, yellow eyes and a maw of white tusks.


Race: Troll

Strength: Yes.
Intelligence: Cunning.
Wisdom: See Intelligence.
Dexterity: Deadly accurate.
Constitution: Hearty and steady.
Charisma: No.

Armor Class: Who would dare to strike against Ungalen, Lord of the Marsh?
Hit Points: Irrelevant, as he shrugs off any blow that lands upon him.

Attacks: No one has come back to tell details.
Damage: Rotting limbs are left in his wake.


With his ancient battle-axe Magus-Bayne, the river troll Ungalen stalks the marshes bordering the Black Salt River. Even orcs on their pillaging-quests avoid his marshes. Tribute is left for him by the lizard-men of the river. His lair holds treasures collected from all the travelers he’s accosted across many years.


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