A legenday elven sword, offered only in defense of its people.

weapon (melee)

Longsword +2, Sylvan (in a sylvan setting, if an opponent is reduced on 0 hit-points, the wielder may make an attack on one other opponent adjacent to herself).


Aether was forged in the elves’ Second Age, when the first Mage-King was crowned. Tee druids who advised the king offered sacrifices over his sword, and offered a bargain to the elven gods: in return for an enchantment over the sword, he elves would always make the appropriate sacrifices on nights of the New Moon.

Sabatine the River Strider is charged with keeping the sword safe, and presenting it to whomever is destined to protect the elven people. Though there is talk that Sabatine’s judgment has recently been swayed by forces greater than herself and her gods, and she has presented the sword as an item of vengeance against enemies of the elves.

The sword is currently carried by Lady Alera of Silver Vale.


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