Jekobs Lantern

An earthen lamp, with the gnomish mark for "truth" inscribed on its side.


If the lamp is fed one vial of oil and lit, it provides light as a Continual Light spell for 24 hours.

Spellcasters within the light have the first two following benefits:

  • May inscribe scrolls or transcribe spells into spellbooks without error or fatigue.
  • Within the light: effects of Read Magic and Detect Magic are in effect.
  • All written languages are made legible to all people (not just spell-casters).

The light also reveals hidden doors or hidden items, by uttering a command to reveal the truth. Some people have fond it difficult to lie when within the light.


IN the days shortly before the empire’s rise, the prophet Jekob the Seer traveled from village to village, collecting languages, stories, and whatever lores were known. He believed this to be a divine calling, to preserve wisdom and transmit mankind’s knowledge to the divine entities that protected and guided him. Some of the lore he’d learned he transcribed into a set of scrolls, which were eventually used as the foundation for the first Imperial magical academies. He wrote continuously under the light of a single simple oil lamp.

Jekob’s Lantern is a plain clay oil lamp. Like other holy relics, the influence of the divine has become impregnated into the lamp. In its light, wizards find transcribing spells with ease. All language is made legible. All codes and secrets are uncovered.

The lamp is currently interred in the Lower Library at the Academy of Magic in Vinlund.

Jekobs Lantern

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