Treantbark Arrows

Orcish arrows crafted and dedicagted against their ancient enemies

weapon (ranged)

Arrows +1; +3 vs. Elves (or any fae-enchanted creature)


When orc raiders attacked the Mistlands coasts they succeeded in devastating one ancient druidic grove. They destroyed the ancient trees and guardian treants and, using primal alchemies and sorceries brought by their shamans and war-priests, crafted weapons fro the bark and heartwood of the ancient guardians.

Orcish Treantbark Arrows have shafts crafted from wood harvested from destroyed treants and holy trees. The shafts are treated in an alchemical manner, then fitted with iron arrowheads and eagle-feather fletching. Orc shamans craft the arrows in night-long rituals; each one is dedicated to the orc gods of conquest and slaughter. They’re offered as gifts to hunting parties or extraordinary heroes of the orcs.

Treantbark Arrows

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