Behind the screen

I wanted this game to have a very handcrafted feel. All of my maps are hand-drawn, with very little fine-tuning. This is just as much an artistic endeavor as much as it is a game.

I do all of my work in Moleskine notebooks. My main campaign notebook is a black Moleskine Cahier EXTRA Large Plain Notebook. I put all my campaign maps, dungeons, and most adventure notes in that one. My campaign notes are spread out through several plain notebooks. One of these is on my person at any time, so I can jot notes own whenever I have a few moments. When I started the campaign, I photocopied all of the notes and stored them in a folder. I’m just now getting to adding all the notes (and there are tons) into this website.

I tend to do all my campaign adventure work in pencil, usually because there are drawings that accompany the adventure designs. Its easier for dungeon mapping, as well. I’ve just started inking some of the campaign maps (like one that shows a portion of the Liberty). My notes in my personal notebooks are usually in fine-tipped gel pen (which helps with sketching maps and images relating to the campaign, as well).

I tend to stay away from digital help, besides emailing the group reminding them of game time and dates. This is the first time I’ve used a wiki for game design and campaign sharing.

Behind the screen

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