Fight Schools

Fight Schools in Castles and Crusades

The mechanical purpose of a fight-school is to turn down-time and excess gold into experience points.

Part I: Admission.

Acceptance to a fight school involves testing and paying tuition. The testing usually involves fighting a junior instructor of c. 2 levels higher than the applicant. Failure against the instructor does not necessarily mean denial of acceptance. The instructors monitoring the test may be watching for particular actions during the fight, or whether or not the candidate shows particular traits (such as mercy, or a willingness to cheat). Tuition is a one-tme fee of 500 GP per level of the applicant.

Some academies may have other requirements, such as completing a quest to prove their worthiness, or donating a particular style of magic item (perhaps to enhance the school’s armory, or to show off their wealth). They may even require a pledge of service (no longer than one month per year, to assist in teaching or providing some form of maintenance to the academy).

Part II: Training.

A character gains experience points in an academy by spending time and money. The cost of training in the academy is 3GP for 1XP. For Fighters only, the cost is 2GP for 1XP. 100XP=1 day of training. A character may train in an academy for no more than 20 consecutive days. There must be 30 days between each training period.

Part III: School Secrets.

Some schools provide the opportunity to learn special maneuvers and abilities. Each ability has a minimum level requirement, an XP cost, and a task roll (a challenge role required to learn the ability). For example:

SWORD AND BOARD. Minimum Level: 2 XP COST: 250 DEX Check CR2. To use this maneuver, the character must be using a 1-handed weapon and a shield. The character may add +4 to his AC against one opponent that round if he does not move.

BACKSWING. Minimum Level: 2 XP Cost: 1000. STR Check CR5. The character must be wielding a 2 handed weapon. If the character doesnot move, he can make a second attack. He may do this once every three rounds.

Fight Schools

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