Initial inspirations

I wanted to play D&D.

I didn’t want to spend a huge amount of time dealing with stats, NPC builds, checking rules updates…I wanted to play D&D. Really, I wanted to spend time designing a setting that would be exciting for me to work on, and enjoyable for my group.

For my inspiration, I wanted a blend of Arthurian myth and Tolkien fantasy. I dug through my copies of Ivanhoe, stories of King Arthur, and my huge supply of books on medieval history. I wanted PC’s to interact with creatures of the fae, to be embroiled in plots that took the attention of kings and great magical beasts, fae queens and heads of ancient religions. I wanted it accessible, and simple to play. I wanted something that would be fun to design, too.

I hand-draw all my maps in my sketchbooks. I keep my campaign notes collected between a half-dozen notebooks. And I’ll show them off here. Instead of writing, maybe I’ll just post pictures from my Moleskines, showing off the sketches I’ve done in the margins of orcish arrows, runes and wands.

This is D&D to me. And Castles and Crusades does my fantasy-game experience perfectly for me.


Initial inspirations

The Winter Crusade mikewgoodman