The Elven Dynasties

The elves speak of their history being divided into three dynasties.

The Lunar Dynasty:

The First Dynasty, called by some scholars the Lunar Dynasty, is defined by the rise of the first High King, Graen Viera. He took eleven wives, one from each of the Lesser Tribes, to incorporate the Lesser Tribes into his own, creating one Royal Tribe. He established the Court of the Moon, a council of sorcerers who communed with power being from Beyond. They gained magical power and expanded their knowledge of the universe from the Outsiders. Eventually, Graen Viera took to communing with the Outsiders on his own, who tempted him with knowledge of more powerful magics that could help him control nature itself. His own Court of the Moon turned against him when they discovered his intention to rise to godhood. In a great battle, Graen Viera fought the entire Court of the Moon. The battle lasted for an entire month, until he was eventually defeated and cast down into the earth.

The Royal Dynasty:

The Second Dynasty saw the severing of the Royal Tribe back into dozens of smaller families and tribes. Some became nomadic, traveling across the world and never finding a single place to rest. Others claimed some land for their own, and established the first Caers (fortified communities). The Second Dynasty would never know a single High King. The leader of each tribe held the title of King, and his sons Princes and Princesses. Those children often started their own smaller tribes and kept roving across the lands Non-elves began to spread stories that all elves were royalty.

The final members of the lineage of Graen Viera formed a roving clan that they called the First Tribe; their sole purpose was to uncover Graen Viera’s magics and rule the earth. They were exiled by the combined might of the other tribes. The First Tribe went eastward, and was never heard from again.

The Dynasty of the Empty Throne:

The Third Dynasty began when the kings of the roving tribes and the Lords of the Caers united to declare Ionis, hero of the Battle of the First Tribe, as the new High King. Elven-kind prospered under his rule. However, Ionis was troubled by a prophecy transcribed by an elder druid: The entirety of the elven people would be struck with a death-blow if the Amber Throne were to be occupied on the Lost Day. So after a three hundred years of peaceful rule, Ionis abdicated his throne.

While away from the Royal Court, Ionis attempted to make peace with the exiled First Tribe, who had traveled far to the East. Aeolinus, High Prince of the Exiled, deceived the High King and struck him down with infernal magics. The Academy, a collection of wizards who traveled with the High King, struck down Aeolinus and magically imprisoned him far below Caer Daerna, the seat of the High King.

Powerful magics keep Caer Daerna hidden, until the coming of the next High King, who will bring about the Fourth Dynasty.

The Elven Dynasties

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