Giant-Kind, Rulers of the Earth

According to their own tales and epic poems, giant-folk are born directly from the earth itself. As such, the earth is theirs to command and rule. Their prophecies say that they will, one day, rule over all land.* Command of the world is their natural right. The Spirits of the Earth crafted and awakened them from the clay, stone and dirt. They are among the oldest of the created beings. The world is their birth-right.

The Spirits of the Earth have given blessings to giant-kind, now and again. Legends of men and dwarves talk about giants who go on war-parties who, for some reason, were immune to steel weapons, or immune to fire. These blessings usually lasted from the passing of one dark moon to the next. The giants would rampage, but would gain very little ground.

According to the sages of giant-kind**, their gods have taken flesh, in order to lead the giant-folk in victory. An avatar of Tyryc, the god of Monsterous Stength and Brutality * have appeared in every generation. However, instead of uniting the tribes of giant-folk, they have used their power to bully tribe-mates or subjugate their own people. Other avatars of giant-gods are born, only to die in battle in their youth (showing their prowess to their tribe-mates), or killed by their earthly fathers (these avatars are usually born under unusual circumstances, which scare or confuse their earthly fathers. What is a giant to do, in such a state of confusion, but kill the child and its mother?).

Yet the prophecies continue. Giant-kind throughout the world are reminded in dreams that the world is theirs. The world should fear when they can organize themselves enough to conquor their territory.

The animosity between dwaf-folk and giant-kind comes from both of their connections to the earth. The dwarves are stewards of the earth. Giants see themselves as the earth’s conquerors.

*And the prophecies of the dwarves and dark-gnomes, as well. And the worst part…they’re true. Giant-kind will rule over the world, after mankind and its allies have passed away. They will not conquor it, as much as they will inherit the burned-out heap.

**Yes, they have sages and bards, and wizards, as well. Their magic is fierce. Their tales are as bloody as their clubs. Their legends are full of viscious action.

  • See also Saint Tirick, the patron of bravery and strength in battle to the people of Avignus. Or the Legends of Tyrnyc Tyrson, an epic poem of a fierce raider of the northern-folk. Or the Song of Tyric, a tale of a king who rises from the earth, from the Mistlands.

Giant-Kind, Rulers of the Earth

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