The Sisterhood of Bretta

The Sisterhood of Bretta is a secretive sect of warior-women from the Mistlands; they aren’t written about in any local histories, and they kept no written records. Their stories are spread verblly from mother to daughter.

The legends say that Bretta was the only child of a clan chieftan. She witnessed the boys in her village trianing for the hunt, studying with bow and spear. She begged her father to go on the hunt; he refused. She prayed to the Goddess in Red, the Queen of the Autumn Harvest for a way to join her fahter on the hunt. The Goddess answered her prayer by transforming her into a doe. Bretta bounded through the woods, accompanying her father from a great distance, watching him hunt his prey. Eventually, she caught his attention. Her father became the predator; she was prey. He hunted her for almost a month, before she transformed back to her human form, and met him back at the village. She told him about the gift the Queen of the Autumn Harvest gave to her. He was impressed, and declared that if she was so swift, sa agile, and so able to avoid capture from a master hunter such as himself, she was welcme to join his war-parties as a scout. Throughout time, the Goddess gave other women such speed and agility, sharp eyes and sharp hearing, so they could become swift warriors as well.

Only a handful of Priestesses know the real story. All legends are built from a grain of truth. The truth was he was a predator, and she was his prey. She begged the Goddess in Red to help her escape. Bretta was able to transform into a swift beast, and ran off to the woods, away from her father. She learned to handle a spear and bow to fight off the other predators of the woods.

The Goddess has since given the same powers to other women who needed to escape. Some young women have learned to transform into deer so they can escape from danger with great speed. They teach each other the spear and the bow, how to strike quickly and escape back into the woods.

The Sisterhood of Bretta

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